The pros and cons of having two children under the age of three

Pro: toddler adoring baby

Con: constantly rescuing baby from over zealous hugs from toddler. Learning to recognise the ‘save me Mum’ expression from baby

Pro: toddler lovingly kissing baby on the lips

Con: often cleaning food/slobber from baby’s face and hoping we aren’t unintentionally weaning baby from milk to hummus at the age of 12 weeks…

Pro: toddler copying mummy behaviour with her doll

Con: finding said doll in moses basket or bouncy chair and periodically having a heart attack

Pro: toddler encouraging baby to reach her milestones

Con: toddler ‘helping’ baby to roll over and having to explain that it didn’t really count and you probably shouldn’t push your sister onto her face

Pro: baby and toddler sharing toys and playing together

Con: persuading toddler that baby doesn’t always enjoy having loud, rattly objects shaken in her face for minutes at a time. And neither do I. 

Pro: the siblings engaging in conversation

Con: reasoning with toddler that baby doesn’t mean to be rude when she doesn’t answer, or even maintain eye contact

Pro: toddler helping to change baby’s nappy

Con: cleaning up the devastation that this ensues

Pro: toddler’s creative flair developing

Con: vetoing all of toddler’s outfit choices for herself and her little sister. I really wouldn’t be a responsible parent if I let her go out dressed in only knickers, wooly hat and gloves. We might also get concern from onlookers if they peek inside the pram and see a 12 week old dressed in a silver party dress big enough for a 3 year old…

Pro: looking forward to sharing all of these moments with the girls when they are older and praying that they do share with each other, encourage and help one another and adore their sister. 


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