What is mumming like?

Mumming is…

1. The best thing I’ve ever done. Actually, the third best thing I’ve ever done. First was deciding to follow Jesus, and second was marrying my tall, dark husband. But still, it’s up there with the best things.

2. The hardest thing I’ve ever done. No changing my mind to third place here. 100% most challenging undertaking in 27 years. Learning to walk could have been quite an emotional time of my life but I don’t remember that.

3. The most joy I have experienced. Who doesn’t love being covered in slobbery kisses? Or being given presents of plastic bread wrapped in hats?

4. The most rage I’ve ever felt. A friend warned me of this at the beginning and, as I gazed upon my perfect newborn, I didn’t believe them. Now I use the frequent flash-prayer “Lord, give me patience.”

5. The most fun I’ve ever had. Going to museums and introducing little people to dinosaurs for the first time is incredible. Or watching their world expand when they learn a new trick. Playing hide and seek with all your important belongings is also really fun. Especially when you’re in a rush.

6. The most tired I have ever felt. Doing and saying things in my sleep has become quite a talent. My most recent was apparently turning off the baby monitor when my littlest cried and going back to sleep (!!) Thankfully my responsible husband took care of the situation.

One word to sum it all up? Relentless.

But, as one lukewarm health visitor once asked me, “Do you regret having children?” No. Never. And I never will. These crazy bundles of madness fill my life with more beauty than I ever knew was possible.


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