Trying to Mum

When our friends were expecting their first baby, they humbly asked us “You’ve done this! What do we need to know? What advice can you give us?” I replied with complete sincerity “Just remember that people have been having babies since the beginning of time, and still no one has a clue what they are doing.” (I also added that babies don’t really sleep through the night; it’s a myth, and if parents do experience this magic then they are, by far, in the minority).

It comforts me to think that many of us are trying to parent in the same way that I approach baking: we have the best of intentions, we read through the instructions and construct a basic plan, we assume the best and give it a good shot. But we often still forget key ingredients, get the recipe a bit mixed up and inevitably experience ridiculous results. 

Therefore, it really is more fun when we admit that we aren’t the genius who has the answers that mankind has been frantically searching for all these years, and admit that we don’t have the foggiest.

I gave birth to my first daughter in 2015 and my second little girl in 2017, both in London. I was more confident the second time around but it didn’t mean that I knew what I was doing! 

Letting people into the secret that we are clueless when it comes to having babies and raising children certainly takes the pressure off. I hope that, by reading this blog, you might feel a sense of relief: “phew, I’m not the only one!”, take comfort from my experiences or just enjoy a good laugh at my expense! 

So I invite you to come along for the ride whilst I document being a stay-at-home mother having fun, making blunders, embarrassing myself and ‘trying to Mum’. Like we all are, really.